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Do you need to move as soon as possible? Do you have an urgent move, a short notice, late night, last minute? NO WORRIES!!! CALL US AT APRO GLOBAL FOR TRANSPORT/REMOVALS SERVICES TODAY +234(01)762 0139, +234 (0)70 638 22217. WE CAN BE AT YOUR SERVICE WITH A SIMPLE PHONE CALL AWAY. *please note we are here 24 hours 7 days a week* Easy, Fast, Convenient & Secure is the word when you choose us. Kindly fill the below information and we will get back to you.

ATTENTION: Please note that this service attracts a retainers fee of N3, 000.00 for a maximum period of 6 months . Pay to either of the banks below via bank deposit or bank transfer and confirm your receipt for inspection. Thank you


BANK ACCOUNT NO: 016 529 9326



BANK ACCOUNT NO: 560 001 9475

At Apro Global we offer affordable and exceptional house and office removals service that are sure to meet your needs. We want to make your removal experience a memorable one with us. This is because you are special to us and we value you so much. Performing professional removals service is our duty. We, at Apro Global Moving, assure our every client of our dedication to our work and care for them. We are an authorized removals service provider and are completely insured. We give out the best service to our clients for an economical rate. We effectively move all of your home, business and office needs quickly and efficiently.


Thinking of ways to make your relocation better? We can give you the best! We offer an excellent job of making your move smooth and worry free. Relocating your home or office is a big job and you need to make sure that you use a company that you can trust. Apro Global Removals can be that company. Based on our past customer experiences, we are certain that you will appreciate our high level of customer service. We employ our team of experts to get the job done in the most expert and friendly manner. We have the experience to know what needs to happen during a removal in order to make it successful and as smooth as possible. We know how to make an efficient strategy and how to plan for this type of event. As an outstanding business removal company, we know all the “ins and outs” of removals and can offer you affordable business or home removals at a great value. When you are seeking a removals company that has the experience and knows how to get the job done, choose Apro Global Removals. We are indeed reliable when it comes to giving you the best removal service.